The Rising Sea by Clive Cussler, Graham Brown

The Rising Sea

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The Rising Sea Clive Cussler, Graham Brown ebook
Format: pdf
Page: 416
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780525538479

A global threatThe world's sea levels are rising at an alarming rate, too quickly to be caused by glacier melt. Climate change is making the sea level rise along Europe's coasts. What is the correlation between global warming and the rising sea level? When it comes to understanding the possible impact of rising seas and more intense storm surge in the coming decades, it's important to understand Newbury's geography. The world's sea levels are rising at an alarming rate, too quickly to be caused by glacier melt. Standing atop an 18-foot embankment, Badruddin Sarkar pointed to his previous home, engulfed by a rising sea (top). In this relatively short book written for a general audience, coastal scientists Orrin Pilkey and Rob Young warn that hazards associated with sea-level rise are not a remote possibility but are happening now. The “rising sea” is a metaphor invented by Grothendieck; it is also the name of a website of Daniel Murfet with notes on algebraic geometry as developed in the school of Grothendieck. The Rising Sea by Clive Cussler. Rising sea levels linked to climate change pose a range of threats to islands and low-lying coastal areas. In Britain the Medmerry, on the south coast, was the first place to stop reinforcing dykes - returning the land to the sea. This animation explains the link between the two and the consequences of a continual sea level rise. How are some communities combating this problem? A risk so big it sends Kurt Austin, Zoe Zavala and the NUMA team rocketing around the world in search for answers. Indefatigable bestseller Cussler shows no sign of flagging in his 15th NUMA Files novel (after 2017's Nighthawk, also coauthored with Brown), an adventurous mix of archetypal mysterious substances, futuristic technology, ancient legends, and global ecological disaster. But the rising levels vary: 18cm in Nice, 9cm in Copenhagen, both since 1986. The new Kurt Austin adventure in the NUMA Files series from UK No. Can you think of some other ways we could address this problem?